Category Topics

Why banks suck

We all know that the current banking system sucks lets gather all the evidence in one place and share your stories why you think that banks suck?

Crypto Jokes and Fun

Place for MEMES, JOKES and FUN STUFF! I am in it for the memes

DeFi Integrations

Let’s discuss here all the DeFi integrations and product ideas we have for DeFi products.
Please let us know what products make sense

Ideas & Brainstorming

Early-stage discussion on cool ideas we can build together in the CrescoFin ecosystem. Go all out and be bold in the decentralized financial world we are building together as an unstopble collective intelligence that wants to make the world a better place for all!

Random Topics

Here we chat, hang out and talk about random topics. Perfect place to get in touch and mingle with other members of our CrescoFin family.

Cresco Branding

Here’s where we can discuss everything about the new face of Cresco. This includes logos, colors, fan art and merchandise.

CrescoFin Tokens/Liquidity

Let’s have discussions about how we can add more efficient liquidity to our tokens and how we can make the DeFi liquidity more efficient.

AMA Questions

Drop any questions you have for our AMA (Ask me anything) section.
We can also discuss unclear AMA questions or go more in-depth here.

Category suggestions

A space to share and suggest ideas for new categories.